Thursday, 6 January 2011

3D Design work

I'm currently looking for Permanent work around the Leeds Area West Yorkshire
but I'm also willing to undertake Freelance work worldwide

if you would like a copy of my CV please Email me at

3D Work

Showreel coming along shortly!

My Logo Design

Small character project
Duo From the Animatrix Series :Program
Still a WIP
Roughed in Maya Refined in ZBrush

I found a Brilliant tutorial on Smashing 3D Models
I Modeled out a Jack Daniel's Bottle and took great pleasure in smashing it!


Jonny B & the Goodes
Band Logo

After talking with the Lead singer From Jonny B and the Goodies
I said that I'd turn their existing bands Logo into a 3D Design and Mini Animation

Mclaren slr
this was a College brief
to create a 3D car Advert
the work included souring my own reference material
modeling the car from scratch and producing a moving image sequence

Wheel and Tire Work

Terminator T-800 Modelled in Maya
Rendered in Keyshot

3D Lamborghini MurciƩlago
Modelled in Maya
Rendered in Keyshot

Lamborghini Bonnet Badge
a client got in touch and asked me if I Could re-model the Lamborghini emblem so that it could be made into a 3D foam carving so I created tho one below from scratch

picture after the 3D Foam Carving had been done

The General Lee 1969 Dodge Charger

the final render then put onto a Canvas

69 Charger
turned it into the Dodge Daytona
as Driven in the movie Fast and Furious 6

3D Eagle Statue

the Person I did the Lamborghini Emblem for came back  for some return work
and wanted me to Model out a bald eagle to sit at the drive to a Building somewhere in the United states,
this should be the Finnish 3D Model to be Machined up!

Celtic Bio Predator Helmet

after getting the basic shape of the Celtic Bio Helmet I run it through ZBrush
for UV Mapping and texturing then exported the maps out and Rendered in Maya using Mentalray

Sketchup Model
Aire of the Dog in Leeds
the Bridgewater Arms

In a previous job interview the job was to create 3d renditions of pubs and show what they would look like with out door canopies
I went away from that interview and learned how to use Google's Sketchup, the program
the company used to show what I could do having only been shown the program only days before

I like to think I play a large
Roll on a Car Forum I frequent for people that are like minded about the 306GTi & Rallye owners club and put my skills to use in producing various products for other like minded uses like myself!
for one of projects on the forum I built 2 of the Iconic Car badges if the 306 Rallye and GTi-6

after coming up with a design I liked set about having Keyrings, Mugs and Vinyl Window made using the logo which I thought would appeal to both sets of car owners,

The Mugs
using 3D Maya I could give pretty close mock-ups of how their final product would look to help sell them on,

and the finished result,

the Window sticker Design,

and a sample version,

the Keyring's

I created the below design some 6 years ago tracing over a photograph of a 306
and turning it into Black and White
for acid etching

Using the same company as before decided to use the updated design,


Final Product

and my latest venture with the forum is a Generic 306 Model that can be adapted for a more personal
look i.e. modifying the licence plates wheels colour lights model of car
here;s some examples of requested ones!

Finished Example

after searching through Ebay for someone that could originally put my work into production
I found someone that had his own Business but had trouble finding art work that wasn't Copyrighted
he was very impressed with the General Lee and asked me to Colaberate with him to produce a range of Koolart/Caricature Cars that could be printed and sold on mugs, mousemats coasters, Canvases T-Shits the list is endless I have created over 15 Designs so far with lots of ideas of more cars to do here are a few of the designs


My other Designs can be found on his Site at
The Gift